Clay Maitland

On a quest for quality in shipping

UN should back off on private security

It is a bit rich, all this carping criticism from the United Nations about the private security sector, suggesting that it is open to trigger-happy criminals to get in on the act in the absence of that wonderful bureaucratic solution to all the world’s ills – “regulation”. Continue reading

Movement on the ground, at last?

Like that wonderful nonsense song, “Yes, We Have No Bananas”, international anti-piracy policy has had its internal contradictions. It has often been recognized that piracy off Somalia could not be defeated without an improvement in national security in the Horn of Africa’s most chaotic nation. Continue reading

A little disruption does you good

Well, it took long enough to get to this situation, but at long last helicopters from the EU Naval Force off Somalia have been given the green light for some disruption of pirate activities on the Somali shore. Continue reading

A bit of pirate-proofing

The newsletter of the Confederation of European Shipmasters’ Association has, over the past few years, been a useful indicator of what senior officers actually think about such matters as criminalisation and piracy. Continue reading

Changing the Rules of Engagement

Piracy is expanding to West Africa; nine attacks were reported in February, double the number in the month before. Piracy is also well-entrenched in Southeast Asia, which recorded 31.5% of all incidents worldwide over the past twelve months to the end of January. Continue reading

Piracy panel debate at CMA

IMO needs Action plan from Piracy meeting

On the first Thursday of next month, the International Maritime Organization will host a ceremony to launch the Action Plan to promote 2011’s World Maritime Day theme: “Piracy: Orchestrating the Response”. Continue reading

Petioning pirates

A petition calling for action on Somali piracy is an insult to seafarers. But we should all probably sign it. Continue reading