Clay Maitland

On a quest for quality in shipping

Fear and loathing but mostly frustration at MEPC

THE IMO is finally getting the hang of greenhouse gas emissions. The answer – at least as far as MEPC 60 is concerned – is to insist that this is a debate had by experts rather than enthusiastic amateurs. Continue reading

To green or not to green…

The argument for ‘green shipping’ is looking a bit green about the gills. The puff seems to have gone out of the windmill’s sails and the wave of environmental optimism has broken on the cruel shores of a bitter recession. Continue reading

Opportunity knocks

Whatever any one thinks of the Copenhagen talks, alongside the recriminations and bad language, there has been opportunities for many people, who will see in this expansion of environmental awareness, the incentives they need to progress. Continue reading

Contradictions at Copenhagen

Copenhagen 15 rumbles on, with a good Saturday out in the Danish capital being one of the 900 people arrested by the local constabulary for throwing paving stones at the stock exchange. It’s a sign of progress that in countries where cobbles have been phased out for Tarmacadam, it is infinitely harder for protesters to make a point. But let’s not go down this road! Continue reading