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MMPC meeting review on US flag

I spoke to Dave Gardy from Maritime TV after our recent Merchant Marine Policy Coalition meeting in Washington. The meeting’s purpose was to gather feedback and generate ideas about building a consensus on a process to develop a framework for revitalizing the U.S. Flag Merchant Fleet, MARAD and the U.S. Maritime Industry. Continue reading

My thoughts on MARAD future

I spoke to Dave Gardy on Maritime TV about the recent resignation of MARAD Administrator David Matsuda and its future course. Continue reading

Clay on Maritime TV – the end of the US merchant marine debate Part II

Clay speaks to Dave Gardy regarding what happens next for the US merchant marine. Continue reading

Clay on Maritime TV – the end of US Merchant Marine debate

Delighted to be interviewed by Dave Gardy for Maritime TV and give my thoughts on the need to save the US Merchant Marine. Continue reading