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On a quest for quality in shipping

MMPC meeting review on US flag

I spoke to Dave Gardy from Maritime TV after our recent Merchant Marine Policy Coalition meeting in Washington. The meeting’s purpose was to gather feedback and generate ideas about building a consensus on a process to develop a framework for revitalizing the U.S. Flag Merchant Fleet, MARAD and the U.S. Maritime Industry. Continue reading

My thoughts on MARAD future

I spoke to Dave Gardy on Maritime TV about the recent resignation of MARAD Administrator David Matsuda and its future course. Continue reading

Clay on Maritime TV – the end of the US merchant marine debate Part II

Clay speaks to Dave Gardy regarding what happens next for the US merchant marine. Continue reading

A PEC for the cat

The latest Marine Bill has made its passage through the UK Parliament and now awaits the Royal signature. Continue reading

Clay on Maritime TV – the end of US Merchant Marine debate

Delighted to be interviewed by Dave Gardy for Maritime TV and give my thoughts on the need to save the US Merchant Marine. Continue reading

Walport video highlights dangers of ‘human element’

An exhausted Mate, with real fatigue kicked in and at the end of his tether, bawls out the ordinary seaman who appears dimmer than he should be (although he is barely qualified to be taking the lookout because all the qualified hands were “out of hours”). Continue reading

Taking training seriously

What on earth can you learn, when you speak a different language from those who are supposed to be teaching you? Sometimes, it appears that raving lunatics have taken over the shipping industry and are intent on making everyone as mad as themselves. Continue reading

Why mentoring matters

Bully for the Nautical Institute, which is making a pitch for the value of mentoring, with a new book soon to be launched and a worldwide push through its branches.

We didn’t actually call it that, but during my apprenticeship, like all my compatriots, I was a “mentee”, imbibing the “company way” of doing things correctly, from officers who had learned their business in exactly this fashion.

And of course it didn’t end with the first certificates – whatever rank you subsequently held, you would be mentored by your superiors, and in turn, you would take responsibility for those coming along astern.

It was a good system, even though you sometimes learned how NOT to do things from the occasional hopeless teacher. It mostly came out in… Continue reading

SUNY Maritime College vacation programme floats many boats!

When 20 high school students from the New York City and Baltimore City public high schools get back to school for the fall semester, they’ll have plenty to talk about when their friends ask them “What did you do on your summer vacation?” Continue reading

A new dimension for maritime employment

Attention will now be focussed afresh on the Maritime Labour Convention now it has completed its ratification process, with Russia and the Philippines bringing the total up to the 30 member states required to begin the “entry into force” process. With more than 60% of gross tonnage operated by the states which have ratified, MLC 2006 will now come into force in 12 months time, in August 2013. Not before time. Continue reading

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