Clay Maitland

On a quest for quality in shipping

My keynote speech from Shipping Insight.

My theme at the Shipping Insight Conference is to define how to profitably operate a ship. The system, and how to select it, are a big part of the decision. Continue reading

Prosperity is not around the corner.

My eye was caught by a recent article: “Tanker Sector May Be Over the Worst”, quoting a Norwegian bank’s analysis that the tanker market, including VLCCs, suezmaxes, aframaxes, panamaxes and medium range clean product tankers, has bottomed out. Continue reading

A failure of leadership

Shipping, it is often said, is a house of many mansions. It is characterized by different qualities, and varies according to the nationality of the ships themselves, and their owners. Continue reading

EMSA – our precious apple cart.

My late uncle Robin, a prudent man, used to warn: “Don’t upset the apple cart.” Continue reading

Oversight, assessment of risk and management: please don’t shoot the regulators

Do you recognize the name Oswald Grübel? Mr. Grübel was until recently CEO of the Swiss Banking Group UBS. Continue reading

Ageism returns to shipping

As one who is dwelling in life’s twilight years, it is difficult not to be sensitive to all the angry articles about irresponsible baby-boomers who have spent their childrens’ legacies, and how the younger generation will be working their fingers to the bone to pay the pensions of these non-productive members of society. Continue reading

A down to earth lunch with looming doom Larry!

I have a friend (let’s call him Larry, though that’s not his real name) who is a well-known lawyer specialising in ship finance in the States. Of a pronounced gloomy worldview, as befits his Polish heritage, he was one of the few skeptics I know who warned of a gathering economic storm, back before the Lehman Brothers collapse. Continue reading

When times get tough…

Clay’s latest blog is a stark reminder that as an industry, shipping really seems to be in denial about the reality of recession… Continue reading