Clay Maitland

On a quest for quality in shipping

Terrible thing, freedom

There are some people around who get terribly angry at their inability to “control” shipping. Listening to one Carl Schlyter Member of the European Parliament, declaiming about the recycling of ships at the World Maritime University conference on the subject last week, one feared for the fortunes of the shipping industry. Continue reading

Ageism returns to shipping

As one who is dwelling in life’s twilight years, it is difficult not to be sensitive to all the angry articles about irresponsible baby-boomers who have spent their childrens’ legacies, and how the younger generation will be working their fingers to the bone to pay the pensions of these non-productive members of society. Continue reading

A glimmer of hope?

Could it be that the circle of responsibility is widening? When the Clay Maitland blog was founded, one of its guiding principles was that matters of safety were by their nature matters of common responsibility too. Continue reading

Opportunity knocks

Whatever any one thinks of the Copenhagen talks, alongside the recriminations and bad language, there has been opportunities for many people, who will see in this expansion of environmental awareness, the incentives they need to progress. Continue reading