Clay Maitland

On a quest for quality in shipping

Collateral damage

It is a tragedy, of course it is. A pair of Indian fishermen working aboard their little craft did not deserve to be shot dead by armed security guards on an Italian tanker. Continue reading

Don’t forget our NAMEPA Seminar

One year after the Gulf oil spill, and amid daily reports of piracy and needless accidents at sea, the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) of which I am chairman will be offering a seminar “Environmental Intelligence in Shipping: Safety at Sea, featuring an emergency preparedness & response regulatory update, as well as a panel on piracy, STCW update, and terminal access for seafarers. Continue reading

How we can make the seafarer’s lot better

This week I found myself on the Amalfi coast for the excellent Mare Forum VII entitled Italy and the World – Quo Vadis? Continue reading

Our new Hamburg rules

Attendees at the Global Maritime Environmental Congress (GMEC) held in Hamburg earlier this month were able, during the course of an excellent programme, to discuss many of the maritime issues that demand to be addressed in a constructive way: openly, frankly and publicly. Continue reading

What rights do foreign seafarers have in US?

Many foreign visitors to the United States have experienced a degree of discomfort, during what are described as “customs formalities”, that adds a ringing climax to the customary torment of modern travel. Continue reading