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On a quest for quality in shipping

Plea for transparency in Costa Concordia case

What on earth are we to make of the recent hearings in Italy where prosecutors were seeking indictments against the former master of the Costa Concordia and five others involved in the wreck of the ship sixteen months ago? Continue reading

Things to do next year

Many of us are compulsive list makers and I’m no exception as lists become more important as memory falters. So, with New Year resolutions little more than a month away, here are a few things for the shipping industry to think about in the upcoming year. There is no particular order and only 20, so you might think, ambitiously, that there is room for more. Continue reading

Posturing in Venezuela

Considering the febrile relationship between Venezuela and the United States, the problems afflicting the crew of the US flag heavy lift ship Ocean Atlas might not be considered too much of a surprise. Continue reading

The Titanic casualty revisited

It is the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic and we have had schmaltz, nostalgia, endless social commentaries about the elitism of death by drowning and along the line a bit of money made by the authors, programme makers, and general commentators. I’m guilty as charged. Continue reading

Cruise disasters – transparency essential

Disasters, like buses, have a nasty habit of coming along in numbers and there must be a certain sympathy for the poor Costa brand, with the somewhat scorched Costa Allegra sitting disabled and sans electrical power in the Seychelles as her passengers recount stories of their ordeal to enthusiastic TV reporters. Continue reading

Collateral damage

It is a tragedy, of course it is. A pair of Indian fishermen working aboard their little craft did not deserve to be shot dead by armed security guards on an Italian tanker. Continue reading

The mind of a man

As everyone from the popular media to the ship’s operators queue up to condemn the master of the Costa Concordia, how many of his accusers takes a moment to consider for a moment what must have been going through the mind of that man as he felt the rocks bite into the port side of his huge ship? Continue reading

Things to fix.

It is, of course, too early to be making pronouncements about the grounding of the Costa Concordia, while the courageous divers are still probing the underwater horrors of a huge capsized ship. Continue reading

When wrongs don’t make a right

This is the age of “rights”, and a good thing too, except that it can become something of a religion, as people rather go over the top as to their entitlements, and every man and his dog needs an accompanying lawyer. Continue reading

Don’t forget our NAMEPA Seminar

One year after the Gulf oil spill, and amid daily reports of piracy and needless accidents at sea, the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) of which I am chairman will be offering a seminar “Environmental Intelligence in Shipping: Safety at Sea, featuring an emergency preparedness & response regulatory update, as well as a panel on piracy, STCW update, and terminal access for seafarers. Continue reading

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