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On a quest for quality in shipping

Clay on the impact of the MLC

Clay spoke to Dave Gardy about the impact of the MLC. Continue reading

The cost of compliance

I spoke to Dave Gardy this week on the impact of the new environmental regulations and the cost of compliance. Continue reading

My keynote speech from Shipping Insight.

My theme at the Shipping Insight Conference is to define how to profitably operate a ship. The system, and how to select it, are a big part of the decision. Continue reading

Another hazardous cargo, another sinking

On Christmas day, the bulk carrier Vinalines Queen, carrying a cargo of nickel ore from Morowali, Indonesia, to China, went missing. The ship and its crew of 22 must now be considered lost. Continue reading

Symbols of maritime decline

Our government’s present inability to land a cargo of gasoline in a U.S.-flag vessel in icebound Nome, Alaska, symbolizes the shortage of foresight of our maritime policy makers. We are unable to provide a U.S.-flag ice-strengthened tanker to lift cargo between points in the United States (within Alaska), and will apparently have to secure the services of a Russian vessel instead. Continue reading

EMSA – our precious apple cart.

My late uncle Robin, a prudent man, used to warn: “Don’t upset the apple cart.” Continue reading

The Pavit – a 21st Century Marie Celeste?

Maritime history buffs may remember the story of the Marie Celeste, a sailing ship found abandoned in the Atlantic Ocean, which seemingly had managed to sail for months without reaching land, and whose crew were mysteriously absent. To this day, her mystery remains the subject of speculation. Continue reading

IMO needs Action plan from Piracy meeting

On the first Thursday of next month, the International Maritime Organization will host a ceremony to launch the Action Plan to promote 2011’s World Maritime Day theme: “Piracy: Orchestrating the Response”. Continue reading

The importance of something extra

Recent debate, arising from concern about the safety of deepwater drilling, has included discussion of whether and when backup or redundant safety technology is desirable. Continue reading

The ISM code comes into its own

The many victims of maritime paperwork fatigue may, in the wake of Deepwater Horizon, soon have even more to bewail. Continue reading

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