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On a quest for quality in shipping

Clay on the impact of the MLC

Clay spoke to Dave Gardy about the impact of the MLC. Continue reading

Casualty investigation requires some proper forensics

How do you build up expertise in this field, which is quite specialist and far more complex than was once believed, when a gaggle of old shipmasters would sit around a table and ask searching questions of some wretched chap who had run a ship aground? Continue reading

MOL Comfort – is container weight the issue?

How on earth does a 5 year old 90,000 ton containership, built by one of Japan’s finest shipyards and operated by a tip-top liner company, come to be floating in two bits 19 miles apart? Weather? Welding?

One of those 100 year waves the Met. Offices are warning us are rather more frequent?

The smart money must surely be on the stresses induced by under-declared container weights, which shippers routinely refuse to take with any seriousness whatever.

Always supposing that there is a good run through the IMO, it has been suggested that it could be another three or four years before SOLAS Regulation VI/2 which provides for the “verification” of container weights ,comes into effect. As the distinguished delegates undertake their deliberations on this matter… Continue reading

The cost of compliance

I spoke to Dave Gardy this week on the impact of the new environmental regulations and the cost of compliance. Continue reading

Walport video highlights dangers of ‘human element’

An exhausted Mate, with real fatigue kicked in and at the end of his tether, bawls out the ordinary seaman who appears dimmer than he should be (although he is barely qualified to be taking the lookout because all the qualified hands were “out of hours”). Continue reading

Deadly Craft.

It might be stretching both taste and veracity to describe them as “deathboats”, but the most recent multiple-death accident to a lifeboat demonstrates beyond peradventure that in modern times, more people have been killed and injured by lifeboats than have been saved by these craft. Continue reading

Stick it on the bulkhead

Some years ago I spent a couple of days aboard a VLCC on passage, which provided a great deal of food for thought, along with some meat for subsequent articles. Continue reading

Things to do next year

Many of us are compulsive list makers and I’m no exception as lists become more important as memory falters. So, with New Year resolutions little more than a month away, here are a few things for the shipping industry to think about in the upcoming year. There is no particular order and only 20, so you might think, ambitiously, that there is room for more. Continue reading

Slow, slow, slow the boat

What a mess we are getting into as we seek to balance the demands of the atmosphere with that of marine safety, the charterer and even the requirements of those whose cargo may be aboard the ship Continue reading

My keynote speech from Shipping Insight.

My theme at the Shipping Insight Conference is to define how to profitably operate a ship. The system, and how to select it, are a big part of the decision. Continue reading

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