Clay Maitland

On a quest for quality in shipping

Scientific underpinnings for fatigue concerns

It’s good when science reinforces what you have believed for years, putting some serious foundation under what has hitherto been dismissed as “anecdotal” but accepted by everyone who has driven ships in anger. Continue reading

Shipping, EMSA and the European Union

There is apprehension that the grim news from Brussels, Berlin, Rome, Paris and Athens could lead to a weakening, partition or breakup of the Eurozone, and perhaps the European Union itself. Continue reading

Solutions for EU manning crisis

Sir Robert Coleman, who once ran the transport directorate in Brussels and now monitors the EU for BIMCO, is to head up a taskforce to find solutions to the regional crisis facing maritime recruitment. It is one of those problems which sounds a lot easier to solve than it really is, once the full scale of the problem is revealed. Continue reading

EU into IMO does not quan-go

THE ratification of the Lisbon Treaty has given the European Union the clearest and strongest signal of its own importance in the world in its history. It has coincidently acted as a spur to its ambitions vis-a-vis the maritime industry.