Clay Maitland

On a quest for quality in shipping

A glimmer of hope?

Could it be that the circle of responsibility is widening? When the Clay Maitland blog was founded, one of its guiding principles was that matters of safety were by their nature matters of common responsibility too. Continue reading

Food for thought at SOS

The shipping panel at the Sustainable Ocean Summit was typically catholic blend: trade bodies for shipping and carbon capture, a drillship operator, oil major and engine-maker. Continue reading

Stand back, it’s a gusher!

The World Ocean Council’s inaugural Sustainable Ocean Summit was a testament to what can be achieved in these jaded times with passion and vision in a not-for-profit framework. Indeed, there were times during the speeches at Wednesday night’s dinner when even prime mover Paul Holtus felt that the praise was getting a little emotional. Continue reading

Crime without punishment is crime without end

Having invoked the ire of Intertanko with my last blog entry on, I thought I would try to provide some constructive ideas on tackling piracy as urged to do by the association’s security officer. Continue reading

Petioning pirates

A petition calling for action on Somali piracy is an insult to seafarers. But we should all probably sign it. Continue reading

Somali piracy stakes are raised again

News that Islamist insurgents captured the Somali city of Xarardheere over the week-end of May 1-2 raises a number of questions for shipowners and seafarers, though it provides few answers yet. Continue reading

The wrong way to make the right law

TIRED people make bad decisions. People who lack the right information to perform a given task make mistakes. Continue reading

Carbon song needs a new tune

The folk singer and famous Canadian Joni Mitchell once said that not being at the legendary Woodstock music festival of 1969 gave her ‘a unique perspective on events’. Holed up in her New York hotel room, watching television as the weather closed in, she penned her eponymous anthem to the ‘Age of Aquarius’ taking shape in upstate New York. Continue reading

Fear and loathing but mostly frustration at MEPC

THE IMO is finally getting the hang of greenhouse gas emissions. The answer – at least as far as MEPC 60 is concerned – is to insist that this is a debate had by experts rather than enthusiastic amateurs. Continue reading

To green or not to green…

The argument for ‘green shipping’ is looking a bit green about the gills. The puff seems to have gone out of the windmill’s sails and the wave of environmental optimism has broken on the cruel shores of a bitter recession. Continue reading

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