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Spot the Hazard

Posted on | May 14, 2015 | No Comments

Safety is largely a matter of awareness and anything that can be done to promote this is worth doing. Pointing out the frightful consequences of inattention and a casual attitude to safety can be effective, with the lesson underlined by reports of actual casualties. Notices, posters, placards, and signage all transmit safety messages quite effectively, although the impact will reduce with time. Safety DVDs and films slotted in among the entertainment have been tried and found effective. Humour has been used on occasion, although it may not always transmit between cultures as we don’t all necessarily laugh at the same things.

What about cash – rewarding people for accident-free service? This has also been tried in the past, with safety bonuses being paid for so many days of accident-free operations. This, however, has sometimes been open to abuse, as with the concealment of accidents or sending an injured person ashore from an offshore rig, to avoid the record being wrecked and the bonus being prejudiced! It has happened!

The Standard P&I Club and the International Chamber of Shipping have launched a rather good new hazard awareness competition, with cash prizes, no less, which ought to help people think about safety. Open to any seafarers and with the instructions for entry available in six languages, the competition offers US$10,000 of prize money.

The rules are simple, entrants being asked to identify up to 10 hazards on five separate images, showing activities on the bridge, in the engine room, on deck, in the galley and in a port terminal. They will also be invited to submit a safety idea relevant to the image, which could be shared around the industry. Winners for each of the five images will be awarded a prize of US$2000. To enter, seafarers simply need to visit and follow the instructions. Others might like to test themselves. It is harder than you might think to discover all the clues, but that surely, is the point!


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