Clay Maitland

On a quest for quality in shipping

Maritime TV’s ‘Mondays with Maitland’ -Robotics in the Maritime Industry: Outpacing the Human Element?

In this eleventh interview in the series, from his position as Founding Chairman of (NAMEPA), Maitland provides his thoughts on roboticsin the maritime industry and whether a fully-automated ship is even feasible… Continue reading

A Head for Heights

There is a current craze in which young men (young women probably have more sense) do handstands on the roof parapets of impossibly high buildings, cranes and other towering artefacts, while simultaneously photographing themselves. It is not one the authorities wish to encourage Continue reading

The Woes of March

Today, March 24, is the 25th anniversary of the EXXON VALDEZ oil spill. March is a bad month for these things: on March 18, 1967, the tanker TORREY CANYON struck Pollard’s Rock on the Seven Stones reef between Cornwall and the Scilly Isles. On March 16, 1978, the VLCC AMOCO CADIZ, carrying 22,000 tons of crude oil from the Persian Gulf to Rotterdam, suffered the loss of her hydraulic steering gear off the French Coast. The vessel broke up, and her entire cargo was lost, polluting over 180 miles of the Coast of Brittany. And then came EXXON VALDEZ on March 24, 1989, which struck Bligh Reef, in Prince Williams Sound, off, as it happened, Valdez, Alaska. Continue reading

Fuel for Thought

These are bewildering times for anyone planning new buildings. “Black swans” – those unexpected events seem to be swarming, while exciting developments like the uprated Panama canal or the cold short cut to Asia are still being analysed for their probable impacts. If these are hard enough to judge, what on earth is going to happen on the fuel front? Continue reading

8th Mare Forum USA 2014 “Shipping – a four dimensional view” conference

On Monday, March 3rd, Mareforum held the 8th Mare Forum USA 2014 “Shipping – a four dimensional view” conference in Washington DC. Despite snow, which resulted in a US government shutdown, the conference was productive and enlightening covering a myriad of operational and regulatory issues.

Clay Maitland was a speaker on the Marine Planning panel, and contributed throughout the day. To view the conference please CLICK HERE