Clay Maitland

On a quest for quality in shipping

Clay Maitland interview on MaritimeTV

Clay Maitland advocates for seafarer welfare and classification society mergers to improve quality in an interview on MaritimeTV

Tradewind’s Adam Corbett interviews Clay Maitland

Tradewind’s Adam Corbett interviews Clay Maitland on ship and mariner safety, and calls for consolidation within class societies

Tradewinds article

In the Press

New York: One of North America’s most outspoken men in shipping, Clay Maitland, has slammed the encroachment of financial institutions into the industry, something he reckons is damaging the soul and integrity of the sector.

The managing partner of International Registries, Inc, which administers the Marshall Islands flag, speaking to Maritime CEO from New York, said that many of the leading figures in the industry are not particularly well-versed in what ships, and the people who work in them, are all about.

“Leading shipping executives tend to be finance types, and are poor executives to have in the wheelhouse, particularly when things get bad. We are living in such an era, and we need leaders with more depth of knowledge, and experience,” he warned.

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