Clay Maitland

On a quest for quality in shipping

Title XI -it’s time to act

Title XI and the Capital Construction fund program have in the past provided the basis for the decade of shipbuilding, following the passage of the 1970 Shipping Act.

However, neither program enjoyed significant use during the past decade. The Bush Administration opposed authorization and funding for the Title XI program during its entire eight years in office, dismissing it as an unnecessary intrusion in an “adequately funded” private sector vessel financing credit market.

The Jones Act and the Title XI and CCF programs are what remain of a comprehensive legislative framework intended to ensure the maintenance of a U.S. owned commercial fleet, and a U.S. based shipbuilding infrastructure, that would support U.S. domestic and international trade in peacetime, and would be available to serve as a military… Continue reading

Clay on the impact of the MLC

Clay spoke to Dave Gardy about the impact of the MLC. Continue reading