Clay Maitland

On a quest for quality in shipping

MOL Comfort – is container weight the issue?

How on earth does a 5 year old 90,000 ton containership, built by one of Japan’s finest shipyards and operated by a tip-top liner company, come to be floating in two bits 19 miles apart? Weather? Welding?

One of those 100 year waves the Met. Offices are warning us are rather more frequent?

The smart money must surely be on the stresses induced by under-declared container weights, which shippers routinely refuse to take with any seriousness whatever.

Always supposing that there is a good run through the IMO, it has been suggested that it could be another three or four years before SOLAS Regulation VI/2 which provides for the “verification” of container weights ,comes into effect. As the distinguished delegates undertake their deliberations on this matter… Continue reading

The cost of compliance

I spoke to Dave Gardy this week on the impact of the new environmental regulations and the cost of compliance. Continue reading

Quality? …. Far too expensive!

If you so desire, you can send 20 tons of cargo all the way from Antwerp to Shanghai, or, indeed, from the Chinese superport to North Europe, for less than the price of sending one person in economy class in an aeroplane. I was listening to a French shipowner last week Francis Vallat, speaking at the BIMCO 39 meeting in Paris, noting that when marine transport was concerned, the cost of transport “has ceased to count”. Continue reading