Clay Maitland

On a quest for quality in shipping

Clay on Maritime TV – the end of US Merchant Marine debate

Delighted to be interviewed by Dave Gardy for Maritime TV and give my thoughts on the need to save the US Merchant Marine. Continue reading

Walport video highlights dangers of ‘human element’

An exhausted Mate, with real fatigue kicked in and at the end of his tether, bawls out the ordinary seaman who appears dimmer than he should be (although he is barely qualified to be taking the lookout because all the qualified hands were “out of hours”). Continue reading

Clay at CMA

My thoughts on the Baltimore Harbor school and why it is such an inspiring experience and fits with NAMEPA’s basic goal. Continue reading

Don’t buck the markets

When sail gave way to steam, did governments demand that great piles of the new fuel were stored in ports around the world, just in case any passing ship wanted to use them? Continue reading

French justice at its best

It is some time since the French “Perben” laws, which enable the authorities to fine ships and shipping companies truly stratospheric sums for alleged offshore oil pollution within the countries EEZ have been in the headlines.

Doubtless there were some wicked polluters banged to rights after their oily trails had been picked up legitimately by spotter aircraft, but there were some apparently disgraceful cases, with the lay magistrates convicting masters of ships whose ships had been arrested on passage on very slim evidence indeed.

There were cases of fine, experienced masters who had decided that they could no longer work in an industry where such injustices had been perpetrated and which had left them with a criminal record.

One in particular comes to mind where the… Continue reading

We’ll all sue together

The hearts of US attorneys in this cold winter must be hugely warmed when they learned that more than 3000 former passengers of the cruise ship Carnival Triumph are bringing class actions against the company, clearly believing the levels of compensation so far offered for their Gulf of Mexico ordeal are inadequate. Continue reading