Clay Maitland

On a quest for quality in shipping

Things to do next year

Many of us are compulsive list makers and I’m no exception as lists become more important as memory falters. So, with New Year resolutions little more than a month away, here are a few things for the shipping industry to think about in the upcoming year. There is no particular order and only 20, so you might think, ambitiously, that there is room for more. Continue reading

Clia for action!

As someone whose seagoing was done in rather downmarket ships in which stout lashing points were affixed to the furniture, so that we could remain secure in heavy weather, the passenger trades have always seemed a trifle blasé about the elements. Continue reading

Changing the “work-ethic”

How many years have people been banging on about “changing the culture” of shipping, to make it safer, or more transparent, or rather more cuddly in image terms? Continue reading

Slow, slow, slow the boat

What a mess we are getting into as we seek to balance the demands of the atmosphere with that of marine safety, the charterer and even the requirements of those whose cargo may be aboard the ship Continue reading