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The design lessons learned from the Titanic

A great deal has been learned about the fate of the TITANIC since the location of its wreck by an expedition led by Dr. Robert D. Ballard, then of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and Jean-Louis Michel of IFREMER in early September, 1985. Continue reading

Titanic: 100 years of lessons learned

I had the pleasure this week of addressing the audience at the World Maritime Day Observance event in Banff, Alberta on the subject of the Titanic and the Artic and in particular the lessons learnt from the disaster and would like to share my thoughts in a series of related blog posts. Continue reading

Cold comfort

Who might be slightly alarmed at all this heady talk about the huge maritime opoortunities opening up in the far north as the Arctic ice melts? We had alarmed noises coming from the environmentalists earlier in the summer, after satellites had photographed more clear water than they had ever noted before (at least since satellites overflew the north polar regions). Continue reading

Posturing in Venezuela

Considering the febrile relationship between Venezuela and the United States, the problems afflicting the crew of the US flag heavy lift ship Ocean Atlas might not be considered too much of a surprise. Continue reading

Suffocation is just that

The Skagerrak Foundation, a Norwegian marine safety pressure group, has started a campaign to ban the use of stationary CO2 fire extinguishing plants aboard Norwegian ships. Continue reading