Clay Maitland

On a quest for quality in shipping

SUNY Maritime College vacation programme floats many boats!

When 20 high school students from the New York City and Baltimore City public high schools get back to school for the fall semester, they’ll have plenty to talk about when their friends ask them “What did you do on your summer vacation?” Continue reading

A new dimension for maritime employment

Attention will now be focussed afresh on the Maritime Labour Convention now it has completed its ratification process, with Russia and the Philippines bringing the total up to the 30 member states required to begin the “entry into force” process. With more than 60% of gross tonnage operated by the states which have ratified, MLC 2006 will now come into force in 12 months time, in August 2013. Not before time. Continue reading

Now wipe your feet

There are some days when you feel that the lunatics really have taken charge of the asylum. That estimable watcher of Washington Dennis Bryant notes in his excellent newsletter that the US Maritime Administration is seeking “interested offerors to conduct a study of the safety, economic and environmental issues of vessels to be conducted with double hulls.” Continue reading

The Titanic casualty revisited

It is the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic and we have had schmaltz, nostalgia, endless social commentaries about the elitism of death by drowning and along the line a bit of money made by the authors, programme makers, and general commentators. I’m guilty as charged. Continue reading


Attend any given conference on shipping, particularly maritime finance, and you will hear, and see, many presentations, accompanied by PowerPoint, predicting a recovery some time in 2013. Read some articles in the trade press, and you will learn that “cash-rich Greek shipowners” are heavily invested in second-hand and newbuilding-resale purchases, notwithstanding ominous economic and market signs. Continue reading