Clay Maitland

On a quest for quality in shipping

UN should back off on private security

It is a bit rich, all this carping criticism from the United Nations about the private security sector, suggesting that it is open to trigger-happy criminals to get in on the act in the absence of that wonderful bureaucratic solution to all the world’s ills – “regulation”. Continue reading

Rest and be thankful

Who remembers the scandal of asbestos, the harm it did to health, and the billions that have been spent in compensating those who have suffered from the debilitating and fatal consequences of the asbestos-related disease? It nearly brought the insurance industry and Lloyd’s of London to its knees. Who remembers the establishment of a connection between cigarettes and lung cancer? Continue reading

Go the scenic route

Go to any coastal surveillance station and examine the tracks of shipping passing up and down. Notice anything? They are all following exactly the same track , that decreed by their computer software as being the shortest distance between their departure and arrival ports. Continue reading