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Join me in the fight to save the Glacier

I was delighted to be named to the board of The Glacier Society this week, the non-profit foundation fighting to save the historic icebreaker U.S.S./USCGC Glacier from demolition.
I have joined the fight to preserve this important piece of American maritime history and relocate her to Miami’s downtown “Notch”, where plans are to transform her into the world’s most comprehensive, interactive environmental museum.
The Glacier, as an historic ship, is an emblem of our commitment as an Arctic nation and represents a past era of polar exploration and is an ideal platform as a valuable educational facility for future generations.”
“The Mighty G” or “the Big Red One” (nicknames give to Glacier by the Navy and Coast Guard, respectively) is currently in Brownsville, TX awaiting destruction… Continue reading

Women and children first

There is some meaty and controversial stuff in Lloyd’s List Australia about whether the old and noble sentiment of “women and children first” retains any credibility in today’s climate of fearsome feminism and institutionalism selfishness. Continue reading

Prosperity is not around the corner.

My eye was caught by a recent article: “Tanker Sector May Be Over the Worst”, quoting a Norwegian bank’s analysis that the tanker market, including VLCCs, suezmaxes, aframaxes, panamaxes and medium range clean product tankers, has bottomed out. Continue reading

Movement on the ground, at last?

Like that wonderful nonsense song, “Yes, We Have No Bananas”, international anti-piracy policy has had its internal contradictions. It has often been recognized that piracy off Somalia could not be defeated without an improvement in national security in the Horn of Africa’s most chaotic nation. Continue reading

Piffle at Posidonia

Posidonia has been and gone again and the organisers deserve congratulations for their efforts at putting on a show that perhaps demonstrated that all was not completely lost in the economic wreckage of Greece. Continue reading

The old lifejacket dilemma

IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee has concluded its 90th session, its delegates having worked their way through the usual fearsome agenda.

Not surprisingly, the discussions involving the reactions to the Costa Concordia incident have been those which have attracted most attention. In this matter the organisation is somewhat handicapped by the ongoing proceedings and inquiry taking place in Italy, with these themselves being delayed somewhat by the criminal proceedings against the vessel’s master making matters rather more complex.

There are however a number of sensible interim measures which have been recommended in an MSC circular. For a start the seemingly endless arguments about whether lifejackets should be kept in cabins or located near the embarkation might have moved on a little with a recommendation that additional lifejackets should be… Continue reading