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On a quest for quality in shipping

Namepa and education

Namepa brings together business, environmental groups and regulators to find solutions to protect the marine environment. Continue reading

Clay on NAMEPA

Clay on Namepa. Continue reading

Changing the Rules of Engagement

Piracy is expanding to West Africa; nine attacks were reported in February, double the number in the month before. Piracy is also well-entrenched in Southeast Asia, which recorded 31.5% of all incidents worldwide over the past twelve months to the end of January. Continue reading

Tasteless images tar CMA gala dinner

The Connecticut Maritime Association’s annual Commodore’s Dinner was held last Wednesday night, the culmination of a very successful three days’ programme.

The honoree and 2012 Commodore, Oivind Lorentzen, gave a fine, and brief, speech of acceptance that was the high point – and the only one – of an evening that was in part truly awful.

What made the gala dinner into an embarassing and disappointing event was the tasteless, sexist and misogynistic flavour of the photographic montage projected onto screens above the diners’ heads.

The script that went with these gag — no intentional pun — shots also had its sexist content.

One attendee said later: “In an industry that is often accused of freezing women out, that stuff is the last thing we… Continue reading

Piracy panel debate at CMA

My panel at CMA – Part 1

“Bedding-in” ECDIS navigation

New technology always brings with it a period of adjustment, when those who have been brought up under an earlier regime have to be trained and, more importantly, become accustomed to the new equipment and systems. Continue reading

Cruise disasters – transparency essential

Disasters, like buses, have a nasty habit of coming along in numbers and there must be a certain sympathy for the poor Costa brand, with the somewhat scorched Costa Allegra sitting disabled and sans electrical power in the Seychelles as her passengers recount stories of their ordeal to enthusiastic TV reporters. Continue reading