Clay Maitland

On a quest for quality in shipping

Lessons learned again?

April is said to be the cruelest month. It is memorable for disasters, from the Titanic to Texas City, Deepwater Horizon and so on. Continue reading

Collateral damage

It is a tragedy, of course it is. A pair of Indian fishermen working aboard their little craft did not deserve to be shot dead by armed security guards on an Italian tanker. Continue reading

Clay on Maritime TV

Quality squeeze as rates fall

As more ship operators call in the friendly receiver as the grim shadow of overcapacity falls over most shipping sectors, should we be surprised if standards start to diminish? Continue reading

Scientific underpinnings for fatigue concerns

It’s good when science reinforces what you have believed for years, putting some serious foundation under what has hitherto been dismissed as “anecdotal” but accepted by everyone who has driven ships in anger. Continue reading