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Cruise disaster could have larger lessons

Posted on | January 27, 2012 | No Comments

I noticed an article from Melissa Bert, a USCG captain, that asks some interesting questions about Costa Concordia, current safety regs and training procedures.

The Costa Concordia grounding is a stark reminder that sea travel remains dangerous. A modern cruise ship sailing a routine route in beautiful weather ran
aground in a matter of minutes, leaving at least 15 people dead.

About 15 million people took a cruise last year, and they are asking tough questions. Are the massive
passenger vessels stable enough to withstand a grounding or collision? Are their international crews capable of
coordinating rapid evacuations of thousands of people? Who oversees the operations of these vessels?

To read the remainder of this articles please visit _have_larger_lessons.html

or the Baltimore Sun/The Philadelphia Inquirer, 24th Jan.


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