Clay Maitland

On a quest for quality in shipping

Will “gigantism” work?

What’s the attraction in building “mega-containerships” , with these monsters being extruded out of far eastern shipyards in increasing numbers, at a time when demand is flatlining if not actually in decline? Who does it benefit? Continue reading

Piracy – time to recognise reality

Around the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, various clever people were trotted out on the media to criticise President George W Bush for his “war on terror” phrase. Continue reading

Dangerous deck cargo?

In the frenetic rush to get a big containership through a terminal, is there enough time to consider exactly what nasties might be in the boxes that are classified as dangerous deck cargo? Continue reading

Turn left – now!

The SatNav, with its dulcet tones urging you to “take the first exit from the roundabout” and “turn around, you have made a mistake!” has , we are told, spawned a generation unable to read a map and with only a passing knowledge of geography. Continue reading

Discovering things old and new, on E/V Nautilus

On an morning in late August, on the Aegean Sea near the Turkish port of Bodrum, a number of us joined the crew of the Exploration Vessel Nautilus in search of ancient shipwrecks. Continue reading