Clay Maitland

On a quest for quality in shipping

Health and efficiency vital for shipping

Hooray for Germanischer Lloyd, for some very pointed remarks about maintenance at the Norshipping show in Oslo. Continue reading

Italy needs a MEPA

As we observe National Maritime Day honoring seafarers, we also recognize the need for them to ply their trade in an environment that is healthy. Continue reading

Protecting crew

It is always instructive to hear the P&I club interpretation of what is going on in safety terms – it’s the clubs who are the recipients of all those improbable, predictable, eminently repeatable and sometimes tragic claims that come winging in from their members. Continue reading

Why we need an international convention on piracy

Yesterday was my regular press briefing in the fabulous surroundings of the Caledonian club in SW1, London and the topic of piracy and in particular armed guards was very much to the fore. Continue reading

Don’t forget our NAMEPA Seminar

One year after the Gulf oil spill, and amid daily reports of piracy and needless accidents at sea, the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) of which I am chairman will be offering a seminar “Environmental Intelligence in Shipping: Safety at Sea, featuring an emergency preparedness & response regulatory update, as well as a panel on piracy, STCW update, and terminal access for seafarers. Continue reading

How we can make the seafarer’s lot better

This week I found myself on the Amalfi coast for the excellent Mare Forum VII entitled Italy and the World – Quo Vadis? Continue reading

Invisible killers

Seamanship was once about using your eyes, hands, training and instincts to determine what was safe. Had a rope rotted away to an unsafe strength? Continue reading

Slow steaming plays into pirate hands

If you were driving through an urban area which was heavily infested with criminal gangs, would you drive slowly with all your windows open and your valuables on the rear seat? Continue reading