Clay Maitland

On a quest for quality in shipping

ATSB report offers food for thought

You are the chief officer of a container ship, peering at a great steel box full of lashing rods and turnbuckles with which the shore gangs are to secure your deck cargo. Continue reading

Response to Samho Jewelry provides food for thought

The muscular response of the South Korean armed forces to the seizure of the Samho Jewelry, and her recapture with deadly force leading to the deaths of eight Somali pirates, has given some folk food for thought. Continue reading

US environmental laws must be ‘reasonable’

What a wonderful word “reasonable” is, conjuring up visions of something that has been carefully thought through, so that it is practicable and “do-able”. Continue reading

Something nasty in the scuppers

“Unusual mortality among the rats” aboard an inbound merchant ship was once a pretty good indicator that the services of a quarantine official would be necessary and free practique unlikely upon arrival. Continue reading

IMO needs Action plan from Piracy meeting

On the first Thursday of next month, the International Maritime Organization will host a ceremony to launch the Action Plan to promote 2011’s World Maritime Day theme: “Piracy: Orchestrating the Response”. Continue reading

Training crucial to ECDIS implementation

It is now many years since I hired a car at an airport, picked up the key, walked half a mile in the rain to find that I was unable to get the thing into reverse to get it out of the parking lot. I then had to walk back to the desk to be told that with this particular model a different technique was in place. It was easy when you knew how, but the trouble was I didn’t. Continue reading

Hang on tight

Maybe it is the time of year for throwing grand pianos around, but not the passengers aboard a large cruise ship in the Eastern Mediterranean who were seriously alarmed by the weather just before Christmas. Continue reading