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On a quest for quality in shipping

Permeable to a fault

Naval Architects and Master Mariners know all about permeability, just like they are educated about the effect of compartmentation on damage stability, even though the new probabilistic regime makes it so fiendishly complicated that only three people on earth understand the formulae. Continue reading

Lifeboat failures highlight perils of sea

It is well known to those concerned with safety at sea that behind a thick hedgerow of rules and regulations there exist real people and, sometimes, real danger. Continue reading

A shot across the bows

We should commend the US Coast Guard for its current enthusiastic testing of a “less than lethal” warning tool which can be used to persuade “non-compliant boaters” to heave to and stop straying into security zones. Continue reading

Money and blood

It is not clear whether the loss of the Jian Fu Star (October 27th 2010: 13 fatalities); Nasco Diamond (November 10th 2010: 21 fatalities); or the Hong Wei (December 3rd, 2010: 10 fatalities) involved a ship that lacked P&I cover or that was not classed with a known classification society. Continue reading

Should we blame flag states for Nickel Ore disasters?

I wanted to follow up on a point Matt Turner made in one of the comments to my Nickel Ore disaster story. Continue reading

Where’s the response to Nickel Ore casualties?

For many years, cargo experts, underwriters, trade associations and the IMO have warned of the dangers posed by certain mineral cargoes. In little more than a month, three bulk carriers and their crews have been lost. Continue reading

An answer to prayer?

Many of us, perhaps sceptical to a fault about the veracity of the arguments of the global warmists, believe that given a bit of time and brain power, cleaner, greener, and more efficient ships will emerge to negate the need for all this proposed trading in carbon, or the ruinous taxes being discussed currently in Cancun. Continue reading

Happy birthday to us

This week I was in London to have my annual meet the press day and also to celebrate a year of this wonderful blog.

With over 160 posts and over a thousand visitors a month I would like to say a big thank you to my contributors in particular Michael Grey and to the readers whose comments have me enthralled.

Here is an extract of a video interview that I had with Ship Management International at the event… Continue reading