Clay Maitland

On a quest for quality in shipping

Integration is key for risk management

In February, I spoke about the purposes that led to the founding of NAMEPA. It is now three years since we were organised, in October, 2007. Continue reading

Thank You USCG

At the start of this month and much to my pleasant surprise, I received a wonderful honour from the United States Coast Guard in the form of the Distinguished Public Service Award. Continue reading

The importance of something extra

Recent debate, arising from concern about the safety of deepwater drilling, has included discussion of whether and when backup or redundant safety technology is desirable. Continue reading

Mr Sadler’s modest proposal

Shipping, in its fragmented aspects, often resembles certain districts in the western Balkans.

So the news that our friend Richard Sadler, chief executive of Lloyd’s Register, has proposed a coalition of major shipping organisations is balm for the persistent frustration that many of us feel, when we blame everyone else for not getting things fixed.

I fully support his idea.

Since my endorsement of any new idea has, I hear, been considered by some persons to be tantamount to the seal of doom, let’s examine Richard’s suggestion while there’s still time.

Richard would like to see a coalition of interests emerge, that will among other things define shipping’s role in international commerce.

I believe that he is right. While one must surely respect the separate status of the various national… Continue reading

Are we surprised by lack of respect?

Michael’s excellent post on the total lack of respect for a master has generated some truly shocking feedback and I wish that more people like Capt.Rowe would comment on what is an increasingly infuriating situation. Continue reading