Clay Maitland

On a quest for quality in shipping

A troubled political legacy

One of the oldest sayings in the US Congress is: “There is no such thing as a good regulatory outcome”. Continue reading

Speaking up loudly

Three hearty cheers for the new Irish President of the Nautical Institute Captain James Robinson who has promised to speak up loudly and clearly for seafarers during his time in office. Continue reading

Thinking constructively about oil spill prevention

Since April 20, the oil and tanker industries have been confronted with the realization that the rules of risk management, and the framework of maritime liability, are being altered in many ways. Continue reading

Food for thought at SOS

The shipping panel at the Sustainable Ocean Summit was typically catholic blend: trade bodies for shipping and carbon capture, a drillship operator, oil major and engine-maker. Continue reading

What did they know?

It appears that some highly-placed BP executives had some sense of trouble to come, and talked. Continue reading

One disaster at a time

Robert Dudley is an American oil man who became an employee of British Petroleum, oops, BP, when it
absorbed Amoco, the former Standard Oil of Indiana, in 1998. Continue reading

The reality of Risk

BP investors will now lose their dividends for an undetermined period. The reality of risk is now apparent, and for the first time in history, a maritime-related event has had repercussions in the homes of, to use a current expression, “small people”. Continue reading

Stand back, it’s a gusher!

The World Ocean Council’s inaugural Sustainable Ocean Summit was a testament to what can be achieved in these jaded times with passion and vision in a not-for-profit framework. Indeed, there were times during the speeches at Wednesday night’s dinner when even prime mover Paul Holtus felt that the praise was getting a little emotional. Continue reading

Seafarer health: Isn’t it a little too late to care now?

Hooray. There is a new preoccupation with seafarers’ health, with even a new quarterly magazine devoted to the subject. I’m not entirely sure that it is supposed to be read by seafarers wishing to be healthier, or chronic hypochondriacs, or those who are responsible for keeping them healthy. Continue reading

Reflections of a self-styled legal eagle

Business, in many of its aspects, is occasionally a game of chance. Bad, unexpected things can happen. Failure punishes the unlucky, or unwary, or both. Continue reading

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