Clay Maitland

On a quest for quality in shipping

The growing trait of inertia

Some years ago, a famous personality named Malcolm Muggeridge, who at various times was an agent of MI6, editor of the now departed Punch, and general curmudgeon, entitled his memoirs “Chronicles of Wasted Time.” Continue reading

Investment in cadet training needed now

Roberto Giorgi, president of V.Ships, who is also president of Intermanager, in a recent interview with Lloyd’s List , has called for a compulsory requirement for facilities on newbuildings, for cadets. Continue reading

All talk and no action

A great deal has been said, at the seemingly numberless conferences on (a) piracy, and (b) the Year of the Seafarer, that (c) there is a shortage of qualified seafarers; (d) that “criminalisation” of the seafarer is a growing problem; that (e) better training is needed; and that (f) we of the shipping community must do something about these problems. Continue reading

Seafarers must be educated on new regulations

I am currently in Abu Dhabi where I have had the pleasure to take part in a conference about the Maritime Environment and the role Flag states will play in the implementation of the new IMO regulations i.e the new Audit Scheme. Continue reading