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On a quest for quality in shipping

Solutions for EU manning crisis

Sir Robert Coleman, who once ran the transport directorate in Brussels and now monitors the EU for BIMCO, is to head up a taskforce to find solutions to the regional crisis facing maritime recruitment. It is one of those problems which sounds a lot easier to solve than it really is, once the full scale of the problem is revealed. Continue reading

Follow the Greek lead on ship finance

As I get set to leave Athens after yesterday’s execellent turnout at the Capital Link forum I am reminded that many of us will return here in June for Posidonia, the shipping industry’s largest and most famous conference and trade fair. My first Posidonia was in 1976. Continue reading

Don’t rely on the BDI for market forecast

I’ve just arrived in Athens fresh from the excellent Mare Forum in Houston and ready for Capital Link’s seminar on the capital markets and I thought I would give you a snapshot of my take on what happens next in the shipping markets. Continue reading

Adding fuel to the fire of environmental debate

That law of unintended consequences continues to vex us , as the environmentalist said when a wind turbine blade came through his roof. Continue reading

NAMEPA Part II: Working in partnership

Although NAMEPA is a young organization, it has already become a significant interlocutor between local government and environmental groups in sensitive coastal areas. Continue reading

NAMEPA Part I: It’s good to talk…

I am off to Houston this week for MareForum USA, where I have been asked to talk about the development of NAMEPA[North American Marine Environment Protection Association], so I thought this would be a great time to share this information with my blog readers. Continue reading

Target practice

Why is there such a hatred of ships and shipping all of a sudden? A fine fat merchant ship, laden with the goods we need, was once seen as benign, something to be welcomed, with people who managed ports waving beguiling offers to her owners.

Today this inbound ship is regarded almost as an agent of destruction, like the French brig which brought the Black Death into the Port of Weymouth in the intestines of her rats, all those years ago. Are there horrors lurking in the ballast tanks that will destroy all natural life in our

To green or not to green…

The argument for ‘green shipping’ is looking a bit green about the gills. The puff seems to have gone out of the windmill’s sails and the wave of environmental optimism has broken on the cruel shores of a bitter recession. Continue reading

STCW revision must address fatigue

Full marks to Clay for his “clarifying the issues” blog, which sets out the realities which must be confronted if the Manila conference on STCW is to realise any of its aims. Continue reading

Clarifying the STCW issues

In June, delegates to the Revision Conference of the International Maritime Organisation on Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping will meet in Manila to take up 13 draft resolutions dealing with such issues as recruitment and retention, crewing levels, and the like. Continue reading

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