Clay Maitland

On a quest for quality in shipping

Hello World…

This blog has been created to startclaytoonjpg a dialogue and debate in the shipping industry worldwide to stimulate support for my quality objectives.

These are to build support for action to create safer ships, cleaner seas and greater protection for the environment. The achievement of these goals is vital during the current recession,  to prevent slippage in quality due to financial pressures.

I will be blogging entirely as an independent person, expressing my own views and not those of International Registries, Inc (IRI) of which I am a Managing Partner, nor those of the Marshall Islands ship registry which it administers. They also are not the views of the North American Marine Environment Protection Association [NAMEPA], of which I… Continue reading

Playing with fire over fatigue

Let us consider the worst possible marine accident that we can possibly imagine. A passenger vessel, with a full complement of several thousand aboard, is lying at anchor. Despite her huge size, and the fact that she is lit like a small city, she is hit amidships by a short sea tanker, which ignites a huge fireball, sweeping into the accommodation of the passenger ship, and causing huge loss of life. Continue reading

EU into IMO does not quan-go

THE ratification of the Lisbon Treaty has given the European Union the clearest and strongest signal of its own importance in the world in its history. It has coincidently acted as a spur to its ambitions vis-a-vis the maritime industry.